The application and interview process for the program is still ongoing. If you hold a doctoral degree and are interested in the program, welcome to apply the program. The selection process for the program is as follows:


    • Application:

Please complete the online Application Form first. After submitting the form, the program office will send a hardcopy of the Registration Form (the document is the only basis for a doctoral candidate to be accepted by a training unit) to the postal address provided.


    • Selection process:

You can send an email with your resume to the training unit's contact person about the position you are interested in and communicate with the contact person by phone to discuss an interview.


    • Acceptance process:

If you obtain the position, submit your Registration Form to the respective training unit and the admission process will be completed.


The program office wishes you the best in the selection process.



The admissions list as of October 2, 2023 is as follows:


    1. [National Tsing Hua University] (seven applicant has been selected)

Akhil K Paulose、Sakthivel Kumaravel、Uyen-Minh Le、江○禮、蘇○善、Goudar Venkanagouda、Ramajayam Kuppusamy、Pradhana Jati Budhi Laksana、黃○翔、Showkat Ahmad Bhat、Prasanthi Yepuuru