To those who are interested in participating in the selection for this project: At present, each training unit is engaged in the selection process, and the selection process is explained as follows:

  1. Step one: Please first click on「Talent Pool application」(A paper copy of the Registration Form will be sent to you in the future. This document is the only basis for the training unit enrolling doctoral talent.)。
  2. Step two: You can go to the website to「Latest Job Vacancies」,Query interested vacancies,proactively email resumes to the contact channel of the training unit,It is recommended that you can take the initiative to contact the training unit to learn about the relevant content of the job opening. If you pass the preliminary resume review, the training unit or company will call you to discuss the subsequent interview process.
  3. Step three: If you get the position, you can simply submit the hardcopy of the Registration Form to the respective training unit and the admission process will be completed.

The program office wishes you the best in the selection process!。

Application for the Registration Form