About the Program


To obtain and retain Foreign Doctorate Holder for industry development, 2023 High Level Industrial Professionals Cultivation Program added outstanding Foreign Nationals with a Taiwanese Doctorate as program trainees. The program details are as follows:


1. Program Description

The High Level Industrial Professionals Cultivation Program (also known as the "Industrial Postdoctoral Program") provides doctorate holders with training conducted mainly by academic/research institutions in Taiwan that serve as training units. It offers a year-long on-the-job training and an internship of at least 6 months or longer to help doctorate holders build up practical experience and core professional skills in the hopes of connecting doctorate holders to careers in the industry.


2. Eligibility

    • Education: Applicants must have obtained a doctoral degree from a Taiwanese university or independent college, whether public or private, recognized by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of China and have a field of study relevant to the industry that applicants wish to engage in.
    • Participation limit: Each doctorate holder can only enroll in the program once.

3. Application Method

    • For doctorate holders who would like to apply for this program, please go to the program website (www.phdojt.org.tw) during the selection period, to apply for the Program Registration Form (please see the attachment for the form and its format). The project office will then send one hardcopy Program Registration Form to each applicant. (Those who have already received training remuneration of this program are not eligible to enroll in the program.)
    • Doctorate holders can find job vacancies and contact officers of the training units listed on the program website and personally approach their preferred training unit. The first phase of selection is an online matchmaking session and the second phase is an in-person interview. A doctorate holder who is accepted by a training unit has to complete the selection and acceptance procedure by submitting the Program Registration Form to the training unit.
    • The project office will announce the list of accepted doctoral talent on the program website. After being accepted, applicants must wait for further notice by the training unit and head to its premises to report.


4. Training Remuneration

This program will subsidize training remuneration and relevant costs of doctoral talent training by training units during the training period. The nature of training remuneration shall be equivalent to that of a postdoctoral fellowship program. Therefore, each accepted applicant shall receive NT$60,000 each month regardless of seniority.

    • According to the rules of the program, accepted doctoral candidates shall receive the training remuneration after completing their dissertation.
    • Accepted applicants who have previously been employed by a company have to complete the relevant resignation procedure before receiving training remuneration.


5. Contact Information of the Project Office

    • Tel: 0800-035-199
    • E-mail:phdojt@itri.org.tw
    • Program website: www.phdojt.org.tw